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Update for my pupils

February 2022 update.

At the moment the DVSA  are suggesting driving instructors and their pupils continue to wear a face covering during lessons in line with government guidance that suggests people continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where they may come into contact with other people they do not normally meet. 

James Travis

Approved Driving Instructor

Pupil and instructor safety is paramount, so I am introducing new measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in-car, please see my updated “Terms and Conditions” for details.  You will be expected to use face coverings during your driving lesson and on your driving test until further notice.    

In addition, to reduce the risk further, I will also be limiting the number of pupil lessons per day to 3, and this will be reviewed each month, with a view to phasing in further slots as the situation improves.  

Many thanks and stay safe,


Driving lessons in Milton Keynes

"Hi, I'm James Travis, Grade 'A' approved driving instructor in Milton Keynes.  I can tell you about my very high pass rate and why I come so highly recommended for driving lessons in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, however I'll let you hear it straight from some of my happy customers!"...

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Some of my happy customers 

Danson passed first time

James is an excellent instructor. His lesson style allowed us to pin point my strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the test thus paying more attention to the latter. Having done some mock tests with him, I was very confident during my actual test and therefore my pass on the first attempt came as no surprise. I highly recommend Travis School of Motoring to anyone wishing to have an enlightening yet exciting learning experience as mine.

Anna passed 

James is a brilliant and motivating instructor. My lessons were always enjoyable and focused on areas that I found trickier so that I felt prepared not only for my test but future driving too. It was particularly helpful to talk through my mistakes and potential scenarios as this helped me to understand both why I was doing things and how to improve in the future rather than just going through the motions. I'd really recommend James to anyone wanting to learn to drive.Thanks for all your help!

Josh passed first time

James is an excellent instructor, and is very thorough with his teaching. He is friendly, patient, and informative, and always at hand to help answer any questions. He helped make my learning experience comfortable and very enjoyable, and I would certainly recommend him to anybody. (My younger sister is now learning with James).

Best of all, since passing my test a month ago, I have felt safe, confident, and competent as a new driver, all of which I attribute to James's great instructing. 

Annabel passed first time

James was an amazing instructor to have, I highly recommend, helped me build my confidence and prepare for driving on a daily basis, had a very enjoyable learning experience, passing first time. Thank you James!:)))

Jessica passed first time

Absolutely amazing year driving!
The most lovely and patient driving instructor out there, who made me pass first time. I'll be coming back for motorway lessons, you can't get rid of me that quickly hehe!

Henry passed  first time

I'd recommend James to anyone learning to drive! he's been a great instructor, always patient.

James passed 0 faults 

An extremely huge thank you to James for helping me pass my test and making me a better driver. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use James as he is patient and explains everything clearly.

Matthew passed first time

"Thank you so much for helping me pass first time! You were positive and methodical in your instruction and you made learning to drive enjoyable."

Sri passed

Hi James, thanks a lot for everything.. I'll do my best to keep up my driving up to your mark, and to follow what you taught me. Thanks once again..!! For teaching me in such a nice way.. and making me successful. I will check out your Facebook page. Sri

Clare passed first time

James is a fantastic teacher he is very patient and supportive. He is also very encouraging and motivating !. The lessons are always enjoyable. He is one of the best instructors you could learn with. Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Jordan passed first time 

James is an amazing instructor helping me pass with only one minor. Would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn

Sahra passed

Thank you James, you are an amazing instructor. Would recommend him to anyone that wants driving lessons in Milton Keynes.

Zara passed first time

James was an amazing instructor to have, I highly recommend, helped me build my confidence and prepare for driving on a daily basis, had a very enjoyable learning experience, passing first time. Thank you James!:)))

Romana passed

Hello James I honestly can't thank you enough for all the support and patience... You have truly been amazing. Always on time and with a positive attitude. Genuinely one of the nicest persons i've ever met!!! I can't recommend you enough. Once again a big thank you. Romana.

Ellis passed

James is a very professional and most defiantly patient driving instructor! He kept me motivated and gave me all of the confidence I required to pass my driving test first time! And also assisted with my theory test, what more could you ask for? Overall, it's clear to say James is very dedicated and loves teaching new drivers, I couldn't recommend James anymore for any first time drivers or even experienced drivers! Thanks again!, Ellis

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Already failed your driving test?

If you are looking to start driving lessons in Milton Keynes and it has been a year or longer since you took the driving test unsuccessfully,  then I am happy to answer your questions on the phone/text or e mail.  I am here to help you become a good driver and pass the driving test.

Having failed your driving test you will be upset or annoyed at:

1 Annoyed at yourself for not driving to your normal standard of driving.
2 Upset that something happened on your driving test that caught you off guard.
3 That you were not fully prepared for the driving test.

The 3 above points covers a lot. So lets deal with one at a time.

1 Annoyed at yourself for not driving to your normal standard of driving.
Two things here.
A. Is your driving to the test standard ( if we assume you are having driving lessons with a qualified instructor), then nerves has proberley affected you on the driving test. Ask your driving instructor to give you some mock driving tests. This will help you to cope with the pressure and the routine of the driving test.
B. You think you are at test standard( but your family member has been teaching you). Then the answer here is that you will proberley need a driving instructor to assess your driving to give you some pointers on what to improve.

2 Upset that something happened on your driving test that caught you off guard.
If you failed the driving test for one mistake and that was caused by something happening out of the ordinary. Then ask yourself if the same thing happened how would you deal with it. The answer is proberley observations and anticipation on approach. Work on these areas.

3 That you were not fully prepared for your driving test.
If you are looking at your driving test report form(green Form) and it reads something like 30 minors and 6 serious 4 dangerous etc. If we assume nerves has not played a major part then you were proberley not ready at that time for your driving test. You will need to work on the faults that have cropped up on your driving test with either your driving instructor or your family member. there is no point going straight back in for your test if you haven't address the faults or they will cause you to fail again.

If you feel you need some more answers then just ask James at Travis School of Motoring  a question, he is happy to help.

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The areas that I cover

Travis School of Motoring is based in Broughton in Milton Keynes, but covers a vast area of Milton Keynes  for driving lessons.   Please check some of the areas that I cover below.  Or just ask if I cover your area for driving lessons.

Driving Lessons in MILTON KEYNES: Aspley Guise: Brooklands Farm: Broughton: Broughton Gate: Bradwell Common: Bow Brickhill: Conniburrow: Downs Barn:  Emerson Valley: Great Linford: Great Holm: Heelands: Husband Crawley: Loughton: Milton Keynes Village: Mount Pleasant: Oakgrove: Stoney Stratford: Newport Pagnell: Neath Hill: Newton Longville: Oldbrook: Salford: Shenley Church End: Stantonbury: Willen: Walton: Wavendon: Wavendon Tree: Stoney Stratford: Singleborough: Stacey Bushes: Woburn: Wolverton: Many More:

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